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Multisensory Chinese Learning Club



In the last 20 years that have been many changes in the world but perhaps none more so than the opening up of China and its rise to becoming one of the major economies in the world so there is no better time than now to start learning Mandarin and the younger the better. In addition learning Mandarin Chinese will be fun as well as rewarding because research has indicated that learning Mandarin Chinese and its emphasis on tones can actually improve brain functions by the need to process the tone and the word meaning in different parts of the brain.

Chinese can appear daunting as there is no commonality with European languages and there appears to be a need to learn several thousand characters and also there is a need to master 5 tones. These are important to master as get the tone wrong and you could be calling your mother a horse. As Chinese is made up by a combination of sound and picture the club will use Auditory/Visual/Kinesthetic (AVK) modes of learning incorporating sound, sight, and touch into the learning process. In particular calligraphy will form part of the learning process so that the boys can truly experience the Chinese Character system of writing.

It is said that the gateway to understanding a culture is through its language and this program with its use of Chinese stories, Chinese rhymes and Chinese character jigsaws your child will not only learn the language but also gain an insight into Chinese culture.

The Club will provide all the brushes, ink and paper used for the calligraphy.


How to enrol? Please complete the registration form below and send it with your payment for the Spring term to the school office (please use an envelope and clearly write “Chinese club”). Please make cheques payable to Bin Tan.

Registration Form

First name:_____________________  Surname: _________________________ Year Group______________           

Name of parent/guardian:__________________________ Mobile/Telephone____________________



I hereby give my child permission to attend the Chinese club and agree to the Terms and Conditions

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Term&Conditions In event of a lesson being cancelled by teacher, another lesson will be offered in lieu, Fees are payable termly in advance and are due a week before the first lesson. Four weeks’ notice is required when leaving the club; otherwise the term is due in full Fees are non-refundable except in extreme circumstances and at club teacher’s discretion.

Teacher: Mrs Tan BA MA   Email: unlockchineseworld@   Tel: 07850408900


 Autumn Term Start!

Date: 13th September 2020



Date: 13th September 2020


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