Develop building blocks for lifelong learning Transform life through learning
Develop building blocks for lifelong learningTransform life through learning

Holiday Course

Holiday learning program is time to take you on the multi -sensory, Multi -culture, multi-arts learning journey. Waking all your senses to learning  through play and fun activities. Learning through different cross-arts form. Most important is Fun, Inspired and Enjoy .


乐学苑是个实践中学的中心,本中心的宗旨:1,Develop building blocks for lifelong learning对根本的知识和技能的不断实践与掌握。2,Nurture all around happy child throught cross-Arts program艺术创新课程是快乐学习的源泉,是追求未知的无穷动力。3,向传统取精,传承文化,探寻未来transform life through culture enrichment practice. 我们是行动派,在行动中寻找存在的理由,在行动中寻找活着的乐趣,在行动中寻找活着的意义。


 Autumn Term Start!

Date: 13th September 2020



Date: 13th September 2020


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