Develop building blocks for lifelong learning Transform life through learning
Develop building blocks for lifelong learningTransform life through learning

Picture galleries: Sense Culture

1st  to 7th  August 2016  Summer holiday camp

26th  June 2016  Mindfulness festival

31th  May to 2rd June 2016 Harf term camp

21th  March 2016 ShenMo visit another school

20th  March 2016 Sense Culture activities

20th  March 2016 1st Abacus Tournament

18th  March 2016

7th  February 2016

25th  to 27th December 2015

2nd August 2015

July 2015 Summer term Club

May 2015 Half term Club

22 of march to 2 of April 2015


 Autumn Term Start!

Date: 13th September 2020



Date: 13th September 2020


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