Develop building blocks for lifelong learning Transform life through learning
Develop building blocks for lifelong learningTransform life through learning

Performance Develop Artistry Interpretation



Performance is an integrating part of our curriculum aim to engender a real love for performance. The reflexes for performance need to be established early on in the learning. A love to perform is a child’s nature. Nature must be supported by nurture. So, before adolescence and self –consciousness take root, present them with as many performing opportunities as possible. 

Every year Little Musician will hold all sorts of different performances such as masquerade recitals and story- hour programs. The theory –ladder system present a program that shows how students progress. It's a program that presents a music journey from 17th century to 21st century, helping the student to build up their confidence to take pleasure in performance and to express themselves without fear.Besides recording their performance is a beneficial approach. Not only will this form a treasured collection and chronicle of their progress, it also does much to motivate and assist self-evaluation, and also makes a huge impact on our teaching positively and effectively. 

Develop the sense of detailed listening , reciprocal communication and depth of expression through diverse ensemble “Piano ensemble” rehearsal ,performance such as piano duet, Six- hand ,Five–pianos .It Is great way to Unlock the secrets of great music ,Discuss the things we care about.


Performance in littleMusician is our tool to developing Artistry interpretation skill 

Me And Audience

Increases ensemble awareness, encourages communication, co-operative skills and stage craft essential for the development of a well-rounded musician.


Ensemble rehearsals and performance


 Autumn Term Start!

Date: 13th September 2020



Date: 13th September 2020


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