Develop building blocks for lifelong learning Transform life through learning
Develop building blocks for lifelong learningTransform life through learning

What a beautiful Language

 The multi-faceted dimension of  chinese mandarin,from the sensory to the deeply spiritual .It  consist of   Sound Picture and Meaning. Our reseach-based program design through  Auditory/ Visual /Kinesthetic  (AVK) modes of learning incorporate sound, sight, and touch into the learning process ,Which Integrated Mandarin component from all three modalities: Auditory- listening speaking, Visual- reading and Kinesthetic- writing  ,that is to practice listening speaking reading writing simultaneously.


We   believe that the effective of  learning  way  is practice.  We  are engaging Chinese calligraphy practice in our program, offering first experiences of the unique Chinese writing system  -----Chinese Character  which  called  ‘mind image’ as it’s vehicle of expression, make learning Chinese such a fun and rewarding activity that  give your child a great sense of Chinese language.

We would like shape and deliver this new approaches of Chinese  learning program to your children, that steeped in the Chinese world, Know  more  and Understand more.

Chinese and the Benefits of Bilingualism

Top 10 Reasons To Not Study the Chinese Language


 Autumn Term Start!

Date: 13th September 2020



Date: 13th September 2020


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