Develop building blocks for lifelong learning Transform life through learning
Develop building blocks for lifelong learningTransform life through learning

  Evaluating the student’s work and assessing their progress through ABRSM and Trinity examinations in music "



 In order to cultivate rounded, enthusiastic, and independent musicians whose lives music will always play an important part, we will give student regular assessment .


Benefit of assessment:

It is vital that the students know how they are getting on, what progress they are making and
understand how to get better.

It is also important that teachers, as they plan activities, understand the wider context
of learning relating to national curriculum as well as the particular skills required for successful music-making.

  In Little Musician we hold regular events to evaluate our teaching and learning progress. 

Informal concerts choose a wide variety of music, challenge student and  board their music –making ability. Home concerts are a good chance to involve all the parents in the learning process, observe the potential for progression beyond the first experiences. 

Go on exams: exams look upon these as milestone not goals!  ABRSM and  Trinity have a wide range of  exams designed to nurture musical development at every level. Their grade exams are designed to provide a structured learning framework which evaluates a student’s progress at every level, to equip them with real-life skills to help them become confident musicians and performers.


 Autumn Term Start!

Date: 13th September 2020



Date: 13th September 2020


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