Develop building blocks for lifelong learning Transform life through learning
Develop building blocks for lifelong learningTransform life through learning

Musicianship through singing, movement & game






 Multisensory Musicianship course for 4 _ 7 years  is inspired by the philosophies and methods of Emile Jaques-Dalcroze Zoltan Kodály, and Géza Szilvay. It is the ideal way to help your children to develop a sensitive inner ear, discover and develop their singing voice, and acquire the musicianship skills necessary to start to read music and learn an instrument.

The MM music class is Fun and  creative .   Focusing  on active listening, understanding and feeling music. Through singing and movement, children become more musical, more expressive, and more aware of musical detail.  children are invited into a stimulating environment defined by the symbolic use of colour, picture and props, in which they become active participants through singing and natural movement.


  • To help children to develop a deep inner sensitivity to music: its rhythms, its phrasing, its structures, its harmonies and melodic patterns.
  • To provide sure foundations for musical literacy.
  • To tap into children’s innate creativity and imagination by means of music.
  • To help children preserve the physical flexibility and sensitivity which is essential for all good instrumental  technique.
  • Seamless to instrument learning such as piano and violin
  • A love of music
  • Learn Music through multisensory learning model To employ as many of the child’s senses as possible in the hope that stronger senses will compensate for the weaker ones’Multi-sensory teaching is just what it sounds: Using all the senses to teach and learn .The main sense employed are Visual (seeing), Auditory(hearing) and  Kinaesthetic(doing)

  • There have four stage in the pre instrument programm

     stage  I unconcious stage Physical (singing moving  and drawing) absorbs musical experiences whilst unaware of they are learning . 

    stage 2 half concious stage  Aural awareness of what they are doing /learning

    stage 3   Concious stage  sight singing  (use eye to listen )and sight play (use ear to read)

    stage 4 subconcious stage  second nature stage .love of performance

  • In the MM music lesson will shape and deliver the Multisensory approaches of music learning program to your children, that steeped in the music world, Know more  and Understand more.

    My belief is that the best gift you can give your children is to instil a love of music in the early years and then support your children as they pursue and develop that love through the rest of their life. It would be my honour to share all my knowledge and spirit with you and your child to “Dream possible Dreams.”

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